Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I must apologies before I proceed. You may be asking yourself "is he really going to write a post about banter?". The champion cliche. Well yes, it does intrigue me. People perform it everyday and often overuse the term, but nobody ever wonders why abusing the people you love brings such pleasure? It's almost addictive. If a wonderful opportunity for an offensive remark presents itself in front of you, it would be easier for Pete Doherty to become an active member of the salvation army than to suppress the urge to make a comment.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ah, This is awkward.

Yes, it's hit me. The wall. The hurdle. Writers block has found it's way into my brain. I realized that i had swallowed a medium sized tea spoon full of the stuff as i was rushing the first draft of my english coursework. Following the tradition of doing a peace of work hours before the deadline despite having weeks of free time to do it, I managed to cobble together 400 words of pure mediocrity. I needed to write a minimum of 500 words and I failed to do this. That night my head was overflowing with ideas for new blog entries, ideas better that anything that has actually made its way into the blog, but now they escape me. All of them. And the monologue magic i needed so badly eluded me.

So now, I'm sitting here, trying to think of a good idea for a blog and a beautiful little monologue idea comes floating into my head. This has got to be some A grade stuff. What lovely things people would say about me if they could read this. I'm ready to start converting this gold into a 500 word monologue... the day after my coursework deadline. Lovely.

So now the blog entry. I almost forgot about that. Oh wait, here it is. A whole blog entry about not knowing what to write. How awkward.