Friday, 25 February 2011

The Pretentious vs The Clichéd

In my opinion, there are two types of sentences. These sentences are neither simple, complex, or a compound. They aren't declarative, interrogative, exclamatory or an imperative. I strongly feel that every sentence ever written is ether clichéd or pertinacious. It is simply impossible to write a non clichéd  sentence that is not pretentious or a non pretentious one that also isn't a cliché.

So what about the fine literary works that have come out of the pens, quills or typewriters of the many geniuses who made a name for themselves through writing? What about Shakespeare? Dickens? Bronte? Am I really suggesting that what they wrote is fit only for pretentious readers? Well no, I can't say that's true. But there influence on the world of literature has been astounding. The modern day authors who pen the previously mentioned clichéd sentences and pretentious phrases are a world away from the likes of the canon, who would be turning in there graves if they could see what has become of there former profession. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to write. And I include myself in this. I have very minimal talent in terms of writing. I don't believe i have written a sentence that is free from grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. If it where not for technology, I would not be writing this and so many others would never have written a word in there life.

The downfall of English literature then, is the fault of the typewriter, which paved the way for the computer. The computer's easy access to the internet has allowed masses of people to abuse writing and post it for all to see. I am glad that the members of the canon are peacefully sleeping in the earth, where they can lay blissfully unaware of what I am writing. The people who I greatly admired will never know what has become of writing. Thank heavens for that.

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