Friday, 25 February 2011

The Times. Are they A-changin'?

Bob Dylan has created many a masterpiece during his time as a recording artist. While his resent music is not as captivating as his incredible back catalogue, the man remains a musical genius. He wrote "The Times They Are a-Changin'" in 1963. The feelings that he had in is head, are beautifully captured in the form of tree minuets and thirteen seconds of music.

But the words that Dylan sung have caused me to ask myself if the times are really changing? If i take a look back on my life, I can't deny that things have changed. But have the times changed? It seems as if the ongoing nine to five monday to friday cycle of work is very much still alive, and shows no signs of "a-changin'". Government after government have made the same decisions and the same mistakes for as long as parliament has existed. I'm still struggling to spot a change Mr Dylan.

"The never ending tour" commenced on the seventh of June, 1988. Dylan has played 2300 shows on this tour and plans to continue to play around 100 shows a year and there are no signs of this changing. He has also released a staggering 34 studio albums and 58 singles. As he continues through his old age to operate as a recording and touring artist I only wonder what has changed? If you could give me a clue Bob, it'd be much appreciated. But hats off to you. You're more that I'll ever be.

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